C2C Festival

C2C 2023

After years of collaboration with the C2C Festival, we took our involvement to a new level in 2023 by becoming a content sponsor offering our creative and production solutions to significantly enhance the festival's social media presence. Building on the success of the previous edition's Handycam recordings, our objective this year was to blend high-res digital photography with lo-fi analog videography. True to our established practice, we ensured that edited videos of each artist's performance were ready for social media immediately, even during their ongoing performances.



On the Main Stage, our photographer captured artist sequences for vibrant flash-cut effects. Simultaneously, our videographer, using a MiniDV Handycam, shot scenes in a narrative-ready sequence, enabling instant video editing combined with flash-cut sequences.


At the 2nd Stage, an automated setup with six GoPros captured various angles, with footage uploaded to the cloud for swift integration with Handycam recordings, creating a unique digital narrative.




Photographer: Antonio Pio Roseti
Videographer: Gabriele Giuso
Videographer: Jurio Toyoshima
Live editor: Stefano Labartino