Stabber – Trueno (feat. Salmo)

"Stabber - Trueno (feat. Salmo)" is shot entirely in Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Directed by Martina Pastori, with Edoardo Bolli as DOP, this work pays homage to JDM car culture.

Amidst the global fascination with its pop culture, Japan stands as a challenging frontier for outsiders wishing to produce films.

The challenge was amplified when the script called for shooting scenes on expressways, using camera cars, speeding around in a vintage vehicle, and organizing car meetings at Daikoku PA, Shinjuku, and more.

Yet, it would have been even more absurd for us—a company that prides itself on embracing Japanese cultural influences—to shy away from this challenge. If not us, then who in Milan?


It was a massive challenge, but we made it happen.


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